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Web Application


Millions of businesses use the Internet as a cost-effective communications channel. It lets them exchange information with their target market and make fast, secure transactions.A web application is a computer program that utilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet.


Web applications use a combination of server-side scripts (PHP and ASP) to handle the storage and retrieval of the information, and client-side scripts (JavaScript and HTML) to present information to users. This allows users to interact with the company using online forms, content management systems, shopping carts and more. In addition, the applications allow employees to create documents, share information, collaborate on projects, and work on common documents regardless of location or device.

Web applications are usually coded in browser-supported language such as JavaScript and HTML as these languages rely on the browser to render the program executable. Some of the applications are dynamic, requiring server-side processing. Others are completely static with no processing required at the server.


Surflex has implemented the following web applications projects.

  • Asset Management System for Powergrid Corporation of India
  • Contract Management System for Powergrid Corporation of India
  • Shutdown Management System forPowergrid Corporation of India
  • Developed web site for Jute Corporation of India
  • Greenland School Management and online Admission System