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SAP HANA is a data platform developed by SAP. At the core of SAP HANA is a relational database, which supports a wide range of Business Intelligence, ERP, and other enterprise applications. Unlike earlier, disk-optimized databases, HANA resides in-memory, allowing the CPU to access data directly, instead of looking it up on hard drives.


The primary benefit of a properly migrated SAP HANA database is its unparalleled speed and access to data in real-time. Its architecture organizes and stores data in columns and in-memory which eliminates data copies, allows for faster loading, and uses less memory.

SAP HANA also benefits by combining OLAP and OLTP databases into one structure. This shrinks the database footprint, removes redundant information, changes index design, simplifies the architecture, and allows businesses to analyze nearly any data on the fly.

The combined database dramatically speeds up both Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) tasks like processing orders and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tasks, such as data analysis for reporting. Yet, storing so much information in memory brings a tradeoff in cost, as the hardware required to run SAP HANA is often expensive. An SAP HANA cloud can mitigate hardware costs, allowing businesses to get better ROI on an SAP HANA migration.


Surflex technology has done Migration into S4 HANA from ECC6/EHP7 with extended support.