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SAP Fiori


SAP Fiori is the latest SAP UI/UX, which uses state-of-the-art design principles to produce a role-based experience across devices, tasks, and various business channels.


SAP Fiori provides a comprehensive, consistent UX for SAP software. The experience is simple and intuitive across all devices due to its visually engaging designs with a solid focus on ease of use.

Its features include:

Role-based: SAP has transformed a variety of SAP transactions into applications that display the most relevant data to users.

Adaptive: SAP Fiori facilitates the capability to work regardless of time, place, and device. Relevant data provides instant insight.

Straightforward: You will have greater efficiency with Fiori due to its intuition. Fiori will focus on essential functions, and you can customize the experience to target specific activities and tasks.

Consistency: Regardless of your tasks, Fiori provides consistent visual design language and interaction.


Surflex has provided SAP Fiori Consultancy in below-mentioned scopes.

  • Manage customer master data
  • View distributor sales invoice details
  • Bar code manual entry
  • E-Doc cancellation for SD invoice
  • View daily dispatch derails
  • Service entry against purchase order
  • View debtors outstanding /overdue
  • Change good receipt purchase order
  • View reverse goods movement